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September 2020

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Mobile technology is at the forefront of business-tech in the 21st century. Especially because of the many possibilities presented by mobile apps. As more and more people use smartphones in their daily lives, being able to reach them through apps creates strategic transactional opportunities. Entrepreneurship Expert Ian Blair suggests that “One of the most important things

As intimacy grows in romantic relationships, couples usually end up grappling with a very common dilemma. That is, deciding whether it’s the right time say ‘I love you.’ Saying ‘I love you,’ is a sacred gesture. Mostly because it represents a transition towards commitment in the relationship. Unfortunately, this milestone is difficult to cross when there

If you expect your business to thrive competitively, it’s important to advertise.  But advertising in the modern economy is a different process from what it used to be in the past.  Mainly because of the emergence of social media.  Social media is gradually transforming into the most effective way to connect with consumers. E-Commerce Consultant James

When people hear the word entrepreneur, chances are they envision a seasoned professional running a small company. And that’s a fair assumption. But even though it’s true that most entrepreneurs tend to be college-age adults, it’s entirely possible for kids to learn this life-changing skill. All they need is the proper mentorship and guidance. Digital Marketing

Washing machines are a convenient household appliance.  They make the task of laundering clothes speedy, and effortless.  But just because washing machines are handy, doesn’t mean they can clean everything under the sun.  Many items of clothing actually need to be separated, or else your washing machine will destroy them irreparably. Lifestyle Writer Molly Grace cautions