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4 Terrific Parenting Tips to Help Tame Teenage Angst

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4 Terrific Parenting Tips to Help Tame Teenage Angst

By far the most challenging stage of parenting is the teen years.  This is because as children start to mature into adulthood, they go through a variety of emotionally sensitive phases.  And parents have to navigate the minefield of administering discipline, while also providing nurturing support. Parenting Expert Joanne Barker cautions that “Many parents approach raising teenagers as an ordeal, believing they can only watch helplessly as their lovable children transform into unpredictable monsters. But that sets you – and your teen – up for several unhappy, unsatisfying years together.” Here are a few tips on how to deal with teen angst appropriately:

1.    Avoid Denial:

               The first mistake that parents make when dealing with teenagers is psychologically denying that adolescence is happening. They simply refuse to acknowledge the fact that their kids are growing up.  This is dangerous because it increases the chances of being blindsided by rebellious or mature behavior.

2.    Pick Your Battles:

               Teenagers constantly end up in power struggles with their parents.  This is mainly because the closer kids get adulthood, the more they yearn for independence.  These power struggles are unpleasant, but inevitable.  Be careful not to take every single argument and debate personally.  Friction is actually a natural part of the process.

3.    Use Wise Discipline:

               There’s a big difference between punishing young children, and punishing teenagers.  The older kids get, the more necessary it becomes to justify why they’re being disciplined.  And it also becomes less appropriate to use corporal punishment.  Don’t use methods of discipline which will undermine your intentions as a parent.

4.    Let them Learn From their Mistakes:

               As teenagers try to figure out who they are during their transition to adulthood, they’re bound to make bad decisions along the way.  A good parent will recognize that there is value in allowing teens to learn from some of these mistakes.  Instead of trying to eliminate the possibility of bad judgment on their part, use some of their harmless bad choices as teaching moments.


               The key to parenting teenagers is having an open mind.  Every child is different, which means they’re likely to respond to adolescence in unique ways.  Instead of trying to control the situation with an iron fist, use emotional intelligence to connect and relate with your kids.  It’s far more helpful to develop sincere understanding with teenagers as they mature, as opposed to trying to subdue them. If you like what you just read from our blog, you’ll love the various informative courses, workshops and events listed on our websites and social media. Whether you’re interested in personal development, or overall improvement of your business, give us a call at 1 (888) 823-7757 to find out how The RISE Academy can help you break past your daily struggles and start soaring in success.

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