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If you expect your company to run like a well-oiled machine, you need to implement strong training programs when introducing change. Whether it’s because of new-hires, or whether it’s to initiate new procedures and systems, understanding how to formally train team members is an essential component of the business. Good training has the capacity to enhance employee performance and increase productivity. Many managers fumble when it comes to staff-training however because they either underestimate its importance, or they do not know how to coordinate it. On the surface, training people seems like a complex, labor-intensive process. However, with the right

Have you ever heard the phrase “Drunk with Power?” This is a popular expression used to describe individuals who get carried away with a sense of entitlement, simply because they’ve gotten a taste of leadership. It’s easy to assume that such arrogance only affects world leaders or infamous public figures, but the truth is, even everyday people are susceptible to being drunk with power. The reason why leaders often lose touch with reality is that leadership and power are intertwined. Since the average person has a natural instinct to associate power with privilege, anyone in a position of leadership can

There was once a time when business owners who told colleagues they had a coach or mentor were asked “Why do you need a coach? What's wrong with you?” The thinking used to be that if you have a coach, you must have problems you can't sort out for yourself. Meanwhile, in sports and the arts, it has long been common practice for elite athletes to have performance and psychological coaches. Even in show-business, stars of the stage and screen have long used voice and acting coaches to enhance their craft. Guidance Makes a Difference Fortunately, in the recent past, the coaching

Have you ever met someone who’s just all over the map? One moment they could be happy as a clam and the next they’re inconsolably miserable? One moment they could be charged with superhuman adrenaline and the next they have zero motivation? Before you get frustrated with confusion about all these mixed signals, bear in mind that you could be dealing with someone who has bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder is a neurological ailment that is characterized by extreme swings in a person's energy and activity levels. When a bipolar person is in a good mood, they experience pronounced emotional highs

Money-management is one of the most important aspects of owning a company. Entrepreneurs who are new to business tend to receive plenty of training on how to manufacture or sell goods/services, but the minimal focus is placed on how to physically process cash in a business. In order for a company to make good use of its overall income, it needs a secure and sophisticated banking framework. This is because bad banking can cause companies to lose money through redundant transactions and excess costs. If you’re planning on going into business for yourself, don’t make the rookie mistake of using

Social media has evolved into the most prominent way to connect with people on a mass scale. When it comes to hosting a video on social media, YouTube is the undisputed king of all platforms. Knowing how to make a good YouTube video is now an indispensable marketing skill. However, with hours of new content uploaded to YouTube every minute, your videos need to be high-quality if you want viewers to find you. Videos meant to entertain or educate your audience may be different in subject matter, but they essentially require the same processes. Plan each video you make, and

Being in a new relationship is exhilarating. It’s like being on a mysterious adventure with plenty of exciting surprises to discover about your partner. But if you’re anything like most couples who’ve been together for a while, chances are things get a little stale every now and then. Instead of showering each other with adorable romantic gestures, you’re probably stuck in a loop of endless bickering and boring routines. Even though it’s disappointing to feel the initial magnetism of a relationship fade, the truth is that dulling romance happens to everyone. It’s perfectly natural for couples to settle into a

There’s no turning back. If you currently own or have dreams of owning a business, your enterprise is going to require an online presence in order to transact and engage with customers. That’s why it’s important to understand how to maintain both websites and social media profiles for a company. A professional-looking, informative website can work wonders as a form of advertisement considering it’s easily accessible to customers and relatively cheap to set up. Tying in a website to a social media strategy also lends legitimacy to a business by blending information and resources in a systematic way. Here are a

If you share anything in common with the majority of successful entrepreneurs, chances are that you will need to finance your business at one point or another throughout its life-cycle. That means you have to thoroughly understand what it takes to secure funds from formal institutions through borrowing. Whether you’re dealing with banks or negotiating with investors, taking on debt is one of the most intimidating processes in a business. Not only does it challenge entrepreneurs to prove their potential, but it also involves a lot of delicate bureaucracy which can collapse negotiations in the blink of an eye. If

Did you know that worldwide obesity has nearly tripled since 1975? This is according to the World Health Organization (WHO) which estimates that more than 1.9 billion adults globally are overweight. The good news about obesity and being overweight is that this is a condition that can be reversed through basic diet and exercise. Most people easily rush to the gym the moment they feel insecure about their weight, however, good nutrition is just as necessary as physical fitness in order to combat obesity. If you are ready to make a change and start living healthy, here are a few tips