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One of the most complicated mazes to navigate in a marriage is anniversaries. The idea of celebrating them sounds simple enough… but that’s until all the pressure settles in. There’s pressure to always remember the date, and there’s pressure to outdo yourself year after year. There’s pressure to make each passing anniversary feel magical, and there’s pressure to leave a lasting impression. Anniversaries elicit mixed emotions because of these infinite expectations, however, that doesn’t mean you should feel overwhelmed or frustrated by them at all. The truth is that whether or not you spend a fortune commemorating your anniversary, the

Have you ever driven past a big-time chain like Starbucks or McDonald’s and wished you owned one? If your answer to this question is yes, then that means you’re interested in becoming a franchisee. Participating in a franchise is one of the many different ways that people choose to go into business for themselves. Investing in a franchise can be an attractive option for business owners because it gives entrepreneurs access to branding power which inherently attracts foot-traffic to a location. But, before you commit to taking on this path of entrepreneurship, it’s important to understand the responsibility that comes

Going into business is a very delicate balance. The ultimate goal of any rational entrepreneur should be to make money, however, people get so fixated on daydreams of earning profits that they often underestimate the fact that business costs money. Lots of it. It doesn’t matter how incredible you think your business idea is, if you don’t have enough capital to finance a robust launch, nothing will rescue your company from stalling. That’s why it’s extremely important to figure out your startup costs through detailed financial projections. The more you understand your startup costs, the more you can protect yourself

When the weather turns cooler, many people start to feel tired more often. The easiest thing to blame for such fatigue is busy schedules. However, new studies suggest that a significant number of people actually get tired because of nutrient deficits prompted by an imbalanced diet. This sounds unusual but it’s true. The food we eat has a direct effect on how much energy is produced through metabolism. When our diets transition away from a vitamin-rich tropical fruit in the summer, it takes longer for bodily cells to rejuvenate while indulging in autumn’s carbohydrate-heavy seasonal food. Here are a few tips

Business trips are one of those things that nobody ever teaches about or explains. Yet there are plenty of occupations which require employees to travel extensively in order to advance the interests of the company they work for. If a job description obliges an employee to contribute directly to the expansions of an organization, this contribution might involve traveling long distances to conduct sales, carry out research, or to participate in negotiations. This means that understanding how to be a good traveler is a valuable career skill. The more you know about how to travel efficiently, the more you can

Being a new parent is a responsibility that comes with plenty of curveballs. One of the frustrations that new parents can never truly be ready for is just how much infants cry. Make no mistake, newborns are firmly in control when it comes to peace and quiet in the home. They cry when they’re hungry, and they cry when they’re uncomfortable. They cry in the morning, and they cry at odd hours of the night. Babies cry randomly to call attention to an infinite spectrum of issues which require parental attention. If you want to take good care of your

Healthy living involves more than eating a balanced diet and working out. One of the most essential components of healthy living is taking the time to routinely visit a doctor for a check-up. Doctor’s visits are the ideal way to monitor one’s vitals in order to prevent, detect or manage serious illnesses such as HIV. According to a recent report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Americans haven’t been getting tested for HIV as often, or as voluntarily as they should. Data that was released on National HIV Testing Day suggests fewer than 40% of people in

When entrepreneurs decide to go into business, they often get so fixated on the nuts and bolts of operations that they end up neglecting to brand as a component of success. However, branding isn’t an abstract concept to contemplate after you’ve made a profit. Branding should also be prioritized during the conception of a business, starting with a company’s business name itself. Choosing a business name strategically is crucial because business names are the first point of contact between consumers and a given company. Long before most of your clients explore exactly what you sell in detail, they’ll have to

There isn’t a person on this planet who can live without love. Yes, we can certainly function without it. However, we simply cannot exist without love. This is because love is the only ingredient that makes it possible for humanity to survive life’s ironies. Think about it. People can possess infinite wealth, yet spend every waking moment feeling empty. We can stand in crowded rooms, yet feel all alone. We can be alive, without actually living, or seizing the day. If it weren’t for the hope and purpose inspired by love, not only would such ironies discourage us, they would

One of the strongest hindrances to growth in life boils down to one word. Pain. Whether it’s in terms of physical, mental, or emotional growth, pain is an experience that directly hinders our receptiveness and capacity to grow. Muscle soreness, for instance, easily turns people off from working out in order to keep fit. Broken hearts prevent countless people from dating in order to find true love. Even the humiliation of failed exams can discourage people from thinking they’re good enough to earn a degree or pursue the careers of their dreams. Painful experiences, in general, create physical and emotional