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Insights on Business: How Coaching Works

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Insights on Business: How Coaching Works - RISE Programs

Insights on Business: How Coaching Works

Business coaching is a trend that is taking the corporate world by storm. Whether it’s brick and mortar stores, or multinational conglomerates, companies looking to streamline operations are increasingly relying on coaching services to manage and amplify their growth. However, what exactly is business coaching? This concept is easily recognizable as a buzzword, yet few people actually understand how coaching can be applied to improve their business.

Coaching Explained

To put it simply, business coaching is a consultancy service that involves personal engagement with an expert. It involves providing the said expert with access to your company’s operations in order to conduct an objective third-party assessment of strengths and weaknesses. Coaching as we know it has been informed by a variety of disciplines including psychology, sports training, organizational development, behavioral science, sociology, and therapy. Business coaching has one ultimate goal, however – to develop excellence and high-level personal/team competence.

Coaching itself is a dynamic experience. Depending on the environment being assessed, coaching can take place on a spectrum, from short and medium shifts in performance to significant life transformation. This sometimes requires a metaphorical demolition truck to pull down old patterns of belief in order to recreate new thinking and building blocks for growth. It is often the case that consistent, regular, focused dialogue, with a sprinkling of encouragement, and a bag full of coaching tools is enough to bring out a radical transformation for the better. The role of a coach is to be a co-creator. A coach should be a facilitator and thinking partner who helps clients develop, appraise and crystalize productive ideas.

Only Work with the Best

If you ever work with a business coach in your company, makes sure to choose the type of coach who genuinely cares about your success. A business coach should be an unconditional supporter who deals with clients’ real-time life issues impartially. Coaches should act as a sounding board when you need a listening ear. They should empower you to see possibility, gain clarity and develop clear intentions. All of this takes work. It requires both of you to mutually invest in fulfilling your vision of a successful life. Business coaching is a collaborative, solution-focused, results-oriented process in which your coach enhances multiple elements of your company’s performance.

Coaching isn’t therapy or counseling. Although some of the methods, models, and techniques used in coaching are derived from the therapeutic sciences, coaching is more of an introspective exercise. It’s a process of self-reflection and self-discovery which is mediated by a trained specialist. Coaching isn’t meant to give you a laundry list of answers to all of your problems, it’s meant to help you discover answers which are unique to your individual circumstances. If you currently work in an environment where major change is expected, or if you’re looking to shift the overall culture of your company, coaching can be a great solution for you. Business coaching increases creativity, sparks innovation and keeps people focused on achieving their personal vision of success.

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