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Broken people live fractured lives and break others. Healthy people live healthy lives and heal others. You will always reproduce the environment around you that you cultivate within you. In other words your internal reality will define your outward. Many people have pain inside them that hasn't been dealt with. The roots of these fractures could be traced

When we give our body’s downtime we are able to recharge and become more centered. When we get the rest we need and make relaxation a priority in your life you will create peace. Your tranquility surround your life and you will be better able to handle all situations that come your way. You recharged when you

I know for many type A, dominate, goal oriented personalities it can be difficult to relax and rest. For others they need to get off their butts and get to work but… right now ill be talking to those who find it hard to rest. First you must stop feeling guilty about relaxing and that it’s a

How do you love and be loved without getting hurt? The truth is if we are truly going to love and be loved, pain will be a part of our experience. Let me start by saying that it’s my opinion that love is the greatest need that we have as human being have along with food and

Your Inward Reality Will Define Your Outward Reality A human being is an amazing complex unit. When thinking about our health and happiness we should not begin to divide ourselves into parts because each part does not function independently. Each part of our body functions together in harmony as a whole unit. As I get more into

RISE Programs I have learned in life that my health is foundational to my success and happiness. A healthy lifestyle increases my production, produces a healthy mood, which results in healthier relationships. A healthy lifestyle increases my creative ideas and solutions for problems that I deal with on a daily basis. Just think about this, when you are