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Careers aren’t always neat and orderly. Sometimes when people pursue a chosen line of work, everything falls into place and it’s easy to accomplish desired goals. Sometimes though, work can become unpredictable and chaotic. Everything you think should happen doesn’t, and you’re left treading water in an ocean of confusion. Sadly, the latter is exactly how

Thinking about the future is something that every person should do seriously. Unfortunately, life is full of distractions which divert attention away from putting first things first. This is especially the case when it comes to retirement planning. Even though the cost of living keeps rising dramatically year after year, most people budget for retirement under

Communication is one of life’s peculiar mysteries. Everybody understands how important it is to communicate in relationships, however, executing good communication can prove complicated if not impossible. The main reason why so many people struggle with communication is because each person experiences life from a unique perspective. It doesn’t matter how much two different people may