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Self-improvement is a process that requires a lot of reflection and transformation. This is Because it’s impossible to evolve without exploring one’s own strengths and weaknesses. Areas of strength should be nurtured and enabled, whereas areas of weakness should be remedied and augmented. Well-Being Technology Expert Tchiki Davis advises that “the key to personal development is

     When people try to manage stress, the most obvious approach that comes to mind is lifestyle changes. But there’s a hidden trigger of stress that often goes overlooked by many. Your immediate surroundings. Living in a disorderly home environment can counteract your overall peace of mind. Physician Ralph Ryback explains that “Keeping things clean and

Did you know that there’s power in every single word you speak? Words might seem like an instrument people use to express themselves, but they’re actually capable of attracting energy into your reality. Negative words attract negative energy, and positive words attract positive energy. This is why verbal affirmations are highly recommended as a form of

     One of the most nerve-wracking ordeals a person can go through, is the simple act of waiting for big news. There’s just something different about the anxiety that comes with anticipation. It’s intense, it’s paralyzing, and depending on what’s at a stake – it’s overwhelming. Therapist Avia James advises that “Worrying has a negative impact

Emotional stability is one of the most important pathways to personal fulfillment. Unfortunately, being in control of emotions is far easier said than done. Life is an unpredictable circus. And despite anyone’s best intentions, adversity can provoke all sorts of extreme and destructive emotions in people. Educational Psychologist Kathryn Garforth suggests that “Emotional stability provides individuals