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Chimichurri sauce is an Argentine condiment typically used to marinate and flavor a variety of dishes. Depending on the ingredients used to prepare it, chimichurri can either come in a green version known as chimichurri verde, or a red version known as chimichurri rojo. Chimichurri’s main herbs and spices give it a savory flavor that especially complements proteins in

On September 9, 2018, the Miss America Organization (MAO) will officially restructure its Miss America competition in a move to eliminate gender bias and stereotyping. To begin with, the Miss America event will be referred to as a competition from now on, as opposed to being a pageant. This longstanding decades-old tradition of pageantry is being done away with because the MAO wants to

Health is more than just eating well. Think about this powerful truth: Much of our primary nutrition doesn’t originate from our plates! Below you will find lifestyle suggestions designed to help you live a healthy, happy life. Eating Habits ·        Avoid cooking with electricity, especially microwave ovens. ·        Use spring water or a good-quality water filter. ·        Chew your food well, chew until

Sugar is so sweet and makes everything taste better, yet it’s so poisonous and addictive. Sugar is in almost everything these days and has more-or-less become a food villain. Even though people like to think of sugar as a harmless seasoning, it’s actually comparable to hard drugs considering that so many who try to cut back

Tomatoes are one of the most versatile vegetables in the world… or fruit if you want to be picky about it. They look so delicious that they garnish a countless assortment of dishes. Not only do they look good, but they also blend well across a variety of culinary textures and flavors. For instance tomatoes can

We all know the feeling. It’s the end of the day and for some strange reason that pounding headache just won’t go away. You’ve tried everything to find relief but it still feels like a suitcase is weighing on your head. To make matters worse, someone may as well be shoveling sand into your eyes considering