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August 2018

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Falling in love is one of the most universally shared human desires. It doesn’t matter who someone is, or where they’re from, deep down inside there’s a good chance that within their lifetime, each person hopes to meet a romantic partner who they can commit to, and settle down with till the end. Love is a

Usain Bolt, Dara Torres, Tom Brady, Serena Williams, Oscar De La Hoya, Lindsey Vonn… these are just a handful of some of the greatest athletes of all time. They are titans. Legends of their respective sports, and icons of incredible success. Not only are they unmatched in prowess, but they also stand as eternal examples of

There’s no denying it, politics has turned the world into a hostile place. It’s impossible to read the news without seeing stories about angry tweets, hateful confrontations, or tragic violence devastating innocent lives. Cruelty has gone viral, and it needs to be stopped. The question is, how? While it might be difficult to change the past, or