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Professional development and continuous learning are some of the most important pillars of success in business. This is because business as a phenomenon never remains static. To succeed, a company has to grow, and for any company to grow sustainably, its leadership must be prepared to learn new skills or explore new ideas. Some skills are easily honed in the natural course of doing business. After all, practice makes perfect. On the other hand, some skills require the expert guidance of a knowledgeable authority. This is where understanding how to pick a good business coach can have a huge impact.    

Did you know that the human body has a standard reaction to any threat it might face? It doesn’t matter whether you’re in danger of being shot by an armed robber, or whether you’re worried about being cheated on by your partner. If something external creates the possibility of inflicting loss and damage in your life, that threat will trigger a series of biological responses known as stress. Stress might manifest itself in varying intensities, but its fundamental nature is absolute in all circumstances. If your body identifies a potential threat, your nervous system will release hormones into the bloodstream

  Becoming a parent is an experience which is filled with plenty of expectations – the most prominent one being that your children will grow into well-adjusted members of society.  For many parents, this is exactly how their hopes and dreams turn out.  Unfortunately for some, parenting ends up being a journey defined by unrelenting extreme challenges.  Nobody understands this more than a parent who’s ever had to raise a problem child; the type of child who just can’t seem to stay calm or deal with life’s ups and downs without throwing major tantrums.  It’s perfectly normal for children to exhibit frequent anger during phases

Wellness is such a broad concept. Not only can it be an elusive condition to achieve, but it can also be a slippery thing merely to define. We casually wish one another “well” all the time but ask what “well” means exactly, and the answer goes around in circles. The easiest way to describe wellness is – being in an overall state of good health, even if this good health can't always be reduced to hard data like the numbers on a medical report. There’s good news, and there’s bad news when it comes to manifesting wellness in your life.

Have you ever tried to explore your phone’s settings to check how much time you spend on your favorite apps? Chances are the bottom-line numbers are a lot higher than you realized. It’s not just phones we’re addicted to either. The majority of what people do for work or leisure these days pretty much revolves around screen technology. We click and scroll and post so much that technology’s beginning to feel like more of a burden than a luxury. Tech overload isn't just exhausting, it messes with your body and health as well. Research shows that heavy tech-use contributes to

Maintaining a positive body image in today’s society is a ferocious battle. Between keeping up with the Joneses on social media, and being bombarded by slick marketing from relentless advertisers, the fact that millions of people suffer from eating disorders triggered by low self-esteem should come as no surprise. According to research conducted by the Department of Health and Human Services, 30 million people in the US live with eating disorders. To make matters worse, one person is killed every hour as a direct result of complications from eating disorders. Eating disorders happen in varying levels of intensity, however, Anorexia

Having children is one of the most celebrated experiences a woman can go through. It’s such a revered occasion that the majority of people romanticize what it’s like to give birth. Women are taught that the instant their newborn emerges into the world, maternal instincts will kick in and erase all of the pain, hardship, and uncertainty that came with months of pregnancy. Some women do indeed take to motherhood with an easy transition. However, some mothers are shocked to discover that giving birth can usher in a crushing sense of unhappiness. If you find yourself suffering from extreme and

Did you know that adding 4 - 6 oz. of lean red meat, skinless poultry or fish to your daily meals can boost your energy levels and stamina by 5 percent? This is because consuming a protein-rich meal stimulates the central nervous system into increasing its production of fatigue-fighting neurotransmitters. Eating plenty of protein isn’t much of a dilemma for meat-eaters because restaurants and grocers practically flood consumers with beef and poultry products. If you happen to be vegetarian however, you probably need a little more creativity to figure out how to boost the protein levels in your diet. Here’s a

Business coaching is a trend that is taking the corporate world by storm. Whether it’s brick and mortar stores, or multinational conglomerates, companies looking to streamline operations are increasingly relying on coaching services to manage and amplify their growth. However, what exactly is business coaching? This concept is easily recognizable as a buzzword, yet few people actually understand how coaching can be applied to improve their business. Coaching Explained To put it simply, business coaching is a consultancy service that involves personal engagement with an expert. It involves providing the said expert with access to your company’s operations in order to conduct

It’s so ironic. Breathing is something which is so basic, it’s so essential, yet we rarely ever think about it, or we neglect it altogether. Breathing is arguably the most important activity we engage in to survive, but we pay very little attention to it from moment to moment. Our breathing has gotten so dysfunctional that we think it's normal never to influence or control it. However, did you know that paying attention to how you breathe can actually fight anxiety? It can even help you sleep better and exercise harder. These and many more benefits are available to you