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10 Affirmations to Help Guide Your Moral Compass in the Midst of the Controversy

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10 Affirmations to Help Guide Your Moral Compass in the Midst of the Controversy

10 Affirmations to Help Guide Your Moral Compass in the Midst of the Controversy

The United States is embroiled in a heartbreaking moral crisis. In the aftermath of the police brutality inflicted on George Floyd in Minneapolis, a whirlwind of protests and politics has prompted extraordinary controversy. The internet is frantic with strong opinions, and media is saturated with conflicting messages about the killing.  In light of how devastating it was to witness Mr. Floyds death, all of this confusion is understandable. But the problem with antagonistic commotion is, it exacerbates division. It provokes hardline mentalities and makes it difficult to achieve impartial progress or reconciliation.


Guard Your Conscience:

If you find yourself reeling with hostility in the heat of this moment in history, be careful not to let rage overpower reason. Anger is certainly warranted under the circumstances, but anger doesn’t build bridges. It burns them. And nothing good can come from losing sight of the injustice illuminated by Mr. Floyd’s death. There has never been a more important time for sober minds to prevail, and mature dialogue to take center stage. Here are ten affirmations to help ground your moral compass if the controversy of this moment is overloading your senses. Recite them to remind yourself about where to place your priorities:


1.      I believe that no one is above the law, or exempted from it – even when enforcing the law.


2.      I believe that no one should be victimized by the law, or discriminated against because of it.


3.      I believe in Justice, and I will advocate for Justice when, and where it is due.


4.      I will stand for universal truth – I will speak the truth, I will embrace the truth, and I will reject whatever opposes the truth.


5.      I renounce hatred, and choose to treat others with love. I reject racism, and choose to treat all people with compassion.


6.      I refuse to be deceived into hating. I refuse to lend a hand to division and oppression.


7.      I have the strength, to survive this storm. I have the courage, to help change things for the better.


8.      My purpose in life is to do what is right. I exist to make a positive difference in this world.


9.      I am capable of stepping forward. And I will do what I can, to help the country heal and move forward.


10.  I will not repay evil with evil. I will not sacrifice my integrity, in pursuit of Justice.



In a TIME Magazine tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy, Civil Rights Leader and U.S. Rep. John Lewis wrote that, “if there is faith and hope and determination, we can continue to lay progress and create an American community at peace with ourselves… [but] You have to be hopeful. You have to be optimistic. If not, you will get lost in despair.” As the country grapples to answer difficult questions about Justice in the wake of George Floyd’s death, don’t let anger and despair corrupt your decency. Stay focused on solving problems, and stay committed to restoring dignity to every person who is at risk of suffering racial injustice.

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