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5 Simple Solutions to Stop Yourself from Sitting Too Much

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5 Simple Solutions to Stop Yourself from Sitting Too Much

Sitting Disease sounds like a completely made up ailment from a child’s game of make-believe, however, did you know that sitting disease is a condition which actually exists?  Sitting disease, more formally known as sedentary lifestyle, is a clinical lifestyle disorder which affects millions of people every day. The bulk of sitting disease is actually caused by routine activities.  Activities such as going from the breakfast table to the driver’s seat, from your desk to the car, to the sofa, then to bed, with little movement or physical exertion otherwise – day after day, week after week, and month after month. The issue with sitting too much revolves around the fact that sedentary lifestyle leads to weight problems. Not only that, but lack of movement affects how we burn fat and metabolize nutrients. Here are a few tips on how to stop yourself from spiraling into a sedentary lifestyle:

     1. Clean Up: Cluttered environments often contain debris and materials which interfere with freedom of movement.  The neater your surroundings are, the more freely you can stretch, reach, bend, stroll, or move in any direction you want to.

     2. Don’t Eat at Your Desk: Sometimes people get so accustomed to their immediate work environments, they settle into the habit of eating where they work, even during break times.  One good way to sneak in some physical activity in your life is to force yourself to go on a journey during your lunch break by eating out.

     3. Stand Up: If you train yourself to stand while doing different activities at work, your body will take a longer time to develop the symptoms of sitting disease.  There are even products on the market which make it possible to adjust your work-station to either a standing or sitting position depending on your mood.

     4. Make Your Commute Harder: If you happen to use public transportation as part of your commute, stand on purpose during your journey instead of rushing to pick the first available seat.  The longer your commute is, the bigger a window you have to avoid sitting.

     5. Multitask: If you ever find yourself vegging out on the couch at home, force yourself to get up and do a chore or an errand.  People often get a one-track-mind when watching television, without realizing that it’s possible to juggle leisure with productivity.

The staggering amount of time many of us spend being sedentary can lead to problems like chronic pain, blood clots, liver disease, heart disease, and more. When people sit, we end up burning only half the calories we normally would standing or walking lightly. Even if you’re in shape, a sedentary lifestyle may still wreak havoc on your health.  As cheesy as it may sound, the key to fighting the damaging effects of sitting disease, lies in taking a stand.  Find those hidden moments in your life which make it possible to get physically active, and take advantage of them.  If you can make the time to work out, that’s excellent.  But even if you’re too busy to hit the gym, it’s still possible to improvise with a little bit of imagination.

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