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By definition, leadership is an act of stewardship. It entails responsibility not just for a group of people who work for a company, but also for the people who solicit goods and services from a company. Leaders have a duty to care for everyone, and everything, under their supervision. Leaders are entrusted with resources. They’re entrusted

There’s a difference between an organization and a team. An organization is formal. It’s a mechanical entity. It’s a collective of talent and resources that have been assembled to accomplish a specific set of objectives. A team on the other hand is personal. It’s a community. It’s a group of people brought together by common ideals

One of the most recognizable components of a company’s identity is its vision statement. This is because vision is to ambition, what water is to fish. A vision statement is a theoretical concept of what the founders of a company expect their organization to accomplish, and represent philosophically in the long-term. Vision statements set ultimate goals

There are two types of leaders in this world: those who impact circumstances, and those who impact people. Leaders who impact circumstances are only capable of exercising influence over procedure and tangible resources. They function within the parameters of their job descriptions incapable of inspiration or innovation beyond meeting the basic expectations of their position. On

Knowledgeability is the cornerstone of any leader’s credibility. There are many things a leader can do to earn people’s admiration, ultimately however, genuine knowledgeability is the only characteristic that intrinsically maintains respect for a leader’s position. The moment employees feel or discover that their superiors have limited knowledge, it becomes tempting for said employees either to

We’ve all been there. Collapsed on the couch at the end of a long day. Completely unable to relax thanks to the brick of regret weighing down your gut. Absolutely nothing to show for how you spent your time except for aggravated murmurs into the ceiling. There’s nothing quite as disappointing as waking up with the

Sales Secrets Know Your Clients If you are not taking care of your customers, your competitors will - Bob Hooey Every business owner should understand that potential clients will always have two fundamental expectations. They expect you to: - Know your own product and your company. - Know something about them and their individual needs. Preparation It is also

Business Wellness Program Health and wellness are central aspects of anyone’s life, including at the workplace. As a business owner or manager, having healthy employees is of great benefit to your business. This is because having employees who are happy and healthy is integral to consistent operations that can sustain a profitable bottom line. Implementing a health and