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Solving Problems You don’t need to be a professional “salesman” in order to sell something. In fact, you’d actually be surprised at how often you participate in sales on a daily basis. Life is all about sales! Whether it’s convincing your boss to give you a raise, persuading a potential client to accept your proposal, pleading with

Sales is the single most inseparable component of business . It doesn’t matter who you are, in order to have a successful business, one of the most important things  to  master is sales because sales equals profit. For a long time I avoided anything that had to do with sales. Because of past experiences with unpleasant

Emotional Intelligence is such a powerful ability that  always attracts  success  to your doorstep. Having emotional intelligence can save you from a myriad  of social problems and stress, especially when it comes to sales. A  lack of emotional intelligence is guaranteed to prevent you from establishing a connection with potential clients you may encounter in the

In a perfect world, merit would completely decide how, and who, climbs the corporate ladder. Every boss would know what they’re doing, and how to get the most out of employees in a practical and likeable way. The sad truth however is that circumstances beyond anyone’s control often position people in management who aren’t well-suited for

Change cannot be avoided Change is an inextricable reality of the human experience. Whether it is personally or professionally, every dimension of our lives goes through a continual process of development that transforms our existence from one status quo, to another, and another. As creatures of habit, human beings are not always receptive to the fact that

It’s a jungle out there Modern business has become extremely competitive due to technological and cultural advances. Most industries today have virtually no barriers to entry thanks to readily available resources that make it easy to initiate the start-up process. Where companies could once rely on trade secrets and strategic locations to secure market-share, competitors now have

The process of building a team can be daunting whether it’s being done on a large scale or for small projects. Managers often find themselves wrestling with the various difficulties that arise when trying to establish good chemistry in a team. The fundamental key to eliminating uncertainty throughout this process is knowledge. The more knowledge you

Because leadership and power are usually intertwined, people have an inclination to view leadership as a position of privilege. When someone becomes a leader, they find themselves assuming some form of influence or power over others. As such, the temptation to view those who are led as menial or expendable becomes amplified. This distancing is one

By: Daniel Otianga 2017 There is a difference between being in charge, and being a leader. Becoming a boss or a manager takes work, but ultimately such promotion can actually happen in the absence of leadership. Being a boss means bearing an official capacity to professionally oversee a group of people. Being a leader on the other