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     Unless you’re the type of person who constantly thinks ahead, chances are you never really visualize what your dream-wedding will look like.  But considering how sacred weddings are, it’s probably a good idea to put some thought into how yours should be.  Especially because weddings cost money.  Which means that dream-weddings cost a lot of

Positive thinking is one of the most important components of mental health. Unfortunately, many people actually struggle with optimism, thanks to their own pessimistic inner monologue. They repeatedly criticize themselves harshly, and ultimately spiral into self-doubt.  PR Executive Zach Cutler advises that “Pessimism causes us to fixate on the negative possibilities, and be trapped by fear

     All people might be created equal, but not all leaders are.  Leadership is a quality which fluctuates based on many different factors.  Factors such as personality, circumstance, cultural context and many more. In order to become a strong leader, it’s essential to understand the various different leadership styles, and how they function in different environments.   Leaders

     If you’re trying to sell something on the Internet, chances are you need to showcase your product.  And one of the most popular ways to do this is through tutorial videos.  Tech/Marketing Specialist Nick Scheidies advises that “Video tutorials are sure to attract new followers, and convince your current one’s that you’re serious about providing