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4 Simple Life-Hacks on how to Make a Good YouTube Video

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4 Simple Life-Hacks on how to Make a Good YouTube Video - RISE Programs

4 Simple Life-Hacks on how to Make a Good YouTube Video

Social media has evolved into the most prominent way to connect with people on a mass scale. When it comes to hosting a video on social media, YouTube is the undisputed king of all platforms. Knowing how to make a good YouTube video is now an indispensable marketing skill. However, with hours of new content uploaded to YouTube every minute, your videos need to be high-quality if you want viewers to find you. Videos meant to entertain or educate your audience may be different in subject matter, but they essentially require the same processes. Plan each video you make, and be sure to use good equipment to film it. After you’ve recorded everything, edit your footage and share it so that other people can find it.

Here are a few tips on how to make a quality YouTube video:

  1. Choose your Target Audience – The biggest mistake you can make when producing video content is neglecting who you think should watch it. Define a target audience first, and then build on the theme of your video using the characteristics of this audience. Choose an audience you can relate to and include messages in your video that resonate with their tastes, interests, and opinions.
  2. Communicate Universally – Even if you think your video is going to be watched by a select group of people, there is a possibility that its audience could grow and even go viral. That’s why it’s a good idea to format your video in a way that appeals to a target audience but doesn’t offend viewers outside of your target audience. Avoid using profanity for instance. That way all age groups and cultures can watch and learn from your video without awkward dilemmas.
  3. Make a Script – Even if you have a clearly defined creative vision for your video, structure its arrangement with a mini-screenplay. Make a script for it and carefully design each scene. Making a script helps plan out the length of the video and prevents creators from rambling in their content. Of course, if your content involves impromptu activities it’s difficult to script it, but as long as you can afford to structure and time your video in advance, never rush it.
  4. Practice, Practice, Practice – No matter how perfect you think your recording turned out, make an effort to record at least three takes of each scene. Having multiple takes gives you room to edit the video and fine-tune its crude elements. It’s also a good idea to get plenty of extra footage or B-roll so that if the need to expound on the video arises, you’ll be ready to create an updated version.

Making videos can be intimidating, especially if you start off by comparing yourself to social media influencers. But that’s the wrong attitude to have if you’re making a YouTube video. The important thing is to focus on your message, and the people intended to hear it. As long as these two elements are well articulated, your finished product is going to be effective enough to accomplish what you made it for. The more deliberate you are about planning out your video, the more opportunities you’ll have to create something organic which leaves a lasting impression on viewers.

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