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5 Steps to Transform Yourself into a Good Decision-Maker

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5 Steps to Transform Yourself into a Good Decision-Maker

Making good choices sounds like a skill that should come easily to everyone. After all, what’s so difficult about figuring out the difference between good or bad, then choosing good every time? If it were that easy, humanity wouldn’t be plagued by any of its social problems. Whether it’s something as innocent as eating too much junk food, or something as consequential is doing drugs, every living breathing person struggles with the frustrations created by occasional bad judgment. There’s good news though. Just because you’re capable of making mistakes doesn’t mean you’re condemned to failure. Good decision-making is just a matter of practice.

Here are a few steps to follow if you want to evolve into a good decision-maker:

  1. Identify the Dilemma – Every single decision is nothing more than an ultimatum between multiple alternative outcomes. Before picking a course of action, identify and describe every possible outcome first.
  2. Research – Even if you consider yourself a knowledgeable person, nobody truly ever has all of the answers. The more complex the decision you’re presented with is, the more important it is to gather and analyze information about the options available to you.
  3. Weigh Your Alternatives – Once you have an informed understanding of the different approaches you can take, compare them to figure out which one is most beneficial. Try as much as possible to minimize your exposure to risk, and maximize your gains through this process.
  4. Execute – If you know you’ve taken the time to evaluate how to make an efficient choice in order to address a given dilemma, then carry out your plan of action conclusively. Don’t allow yourself to start second-guessing the work you’ve put into assessing the situation.
  5. Learn from Past Mistakes – Preparation might be important for good decision-making, however reflection is imperative for it. If something you have ever done in the past produced bad outcomes, then don’t repeat that task or behavior again. Always do the opposite of everything you regret.

Some people just seem to have everything figured out. They know exactly what their goals in life are, they solve problems easily, and they’ve never caught off-guard by surprises or uncertain situations. It’s easy to call such people lucky, or geniuses, but the truth is their success has less to do with extraordinary fortune, and more to do with good decision-making. Every choice that we make in life has consequences. So, if you see someone living the good life, it’s mostly because they made a series of choices in the past that eventually reaped the rewards they now enjoy today. If they could become a success, then so can you. It’s just a matter of making a few good decisions of your own.