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6 Things You Should Always do on Fridays to Get Rid of the Monday Blues

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6 Things You Should Always do on Fridays to Get Rid of the Monday Blues

We’ve all been there. Sprawled on the couch on Sunday night, groaning over the fact that another weekly cycle is about to kick off. There’s an avalanche of work to take care of, and just the thought of it hits you with a chronic case of the Monday blues. Routine dread on Sundays affects the majority of people with regular jobs, and for many, it feels inescapable. But, did you know that it’s actually possible to make the Monday blues go away? The secret lies in the preparation. Depending on how you schedule your Fridays, it’s possible to always get your week off to a great start by planning ahead to compensate for inevitable short-term obligations.

Here are a few things you should always do on Fridays in order to take on new weeks with enthusiasm:

  1. Revise Your To-Do List – If you don’t already use a To-Do List, you should draft one, and if you already have one, review it thoroughly every Friday as a way to measure how productive your week was. This will give you a strong reference point on whether the upcoming week requires minimal or robust exertion on your part.
  2. Re-Supply – If your schedule can allow it, don’t wait until the weekend to buy groceries and general supplies. Taking care of essentials on Fridays frees up your weekend for more rest and leisure time. The more rested you are on the weekend, the less you’ll agonize over getting back to work on Monday.
  3. Tie-Up Loose Ends – If there’s anything minor you procrastinate regularly, make a commitment to resolve such unfinished business on Fridays. Getting loose ends out of the way by the end of the week allows you to start a new one free of past baggage.
  4. Fill-Up Your Gas Tank – If you drive a car, don’t go to bed on Fridays before ensuring that your gas tank is full. In the event, you do some driving on the weekend, or if you spend Saturday and Sunday at home, filling up on Fridays makes it possible to get up and go without hesitation the next time you have to take a drive.
  5. Purge Your Inboxes – Whether it’s social media or email, your inbox is probably flooded with notifications and messages. Instead of checking them on-demand, dedicate each Friday towards clearing these pending messages. Fridays are ideal because if you discover a message that needs extra attention, you can use the weekend as a window to draft thoughtful responses.

The main reason why people hate seeing the weekend come to a close is that it signifies a return to work. It usually means you have to stop putting your feet up and start thinking about chores, deadlines, quotas, calendars and so on. That’s why practicing some routine preparations here and there on Fridays is a good idea. Anything you can think of to soften the transition from to rest to work on Mondays will improve your mood and make it easier to confront your weekly cycles. The more you can do on Fridays to save time throughout your upcoming week, the less you’ll have to juggle at one go after your weekend comes to a close. In turn, the less you have to juggle at the start of a new week, the less you have to dread as it approaches and commences.