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A human being is an amazing complex unit. We are a spirit who has a soul that lives in a body. We are spiritual beings. The spirit of a person exists in the spiritual realm. Just as the body is in direct contact with the natural world, the spirit is in direct contact with the spiritual world.

You exist in two worlds at the same time. Our Spirit is the ‘child’ of The Creator. Our spirit is the essence of ourselves. It represents our spiritual will and decisions and/or our urgency to make known who we are, and to love and be loved by others.
RISE Spiritual is not about religion but rather relationship and spirituality. We believe it’s about relationship with our Creator and creation, with ourselves and with others.

Spirituality is about how people make meaning and purpose. Purpose meaning “Pur-Pose” or “Pure Position” in wholeness and interconnectedness of all of Life. It’s living consciously and intentionally in your purpose and calling which will lead you to enjoy your life in more peace and happiness. Welcome to RISE Spiritual.


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